Vervaeke Lab

Reverse engineering cortical circuits

Principal Investigator


Koen Vervaeke, Associate Professor


2011-2014 Janelia Farm Junior Fellow (mentors Karel Svoboda and Jeff Magee)


2007-2011 Postdoc, University College London (Angus Silver lab)


2002-2007 PhD in Physiology, Oslo University (Johan Storm Lab)



Lab Manager


Kristin Larsen Sand



Postdoctoral students


Dr. Gustavo Mello

Studied psychology and has a PhD degree from the Champalimaud Institute in Lisbon (Joe Paton lab).


Dr. Anna Chambers

Studied neuroscience and has a PhD degree from Harvard University (Daniel Polley lab).


Dr. Birgit Kriener

Studied theoretical physics and has a PhD degree from Freiburg (Ad Aertsen lab). Joined us after her postdoc in Ila Fietes lab (Austin Texas).


Dr. Malte Bieler

Studied neuroscience at NTNU Trondheim and received a PhD degree from UMC Hamburg (Ileana Hanganu-Opatz lab).


Dr. Nora Lenkey

Studied medicine at the Semmelweis University in Budapest and joined us after her postdoc position with Zoltan Nusser.


Dr. Mate Neubrandt

Studied Biology at the E. Lorand University in Budapest and got his PhD in the lab of Janos Szabadics at the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Budapest.


Dr. Aree Witoelaar

Studied Physics in Groningen and got his PhD in machine learning from Groningen University. Did a postdoc in the lab of Yasser Roudi (Kavli Institute, NTNU), and with Ole Andreasen (Oslo University Hospital).



PhD fellows


Rune Lanton

Studied computer science and also has a degree in biology from the University of Oslo.


Eivind Hennestad

Studied Physics at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.


Andreas Lande

Studied Neuroscience at the Norwegian Technical Univerisity (NTNU).


Michele Gianatti

Studied Neuroscience at the Norwegian Technical Univerisity (NTNU).



Erasmus student


Ann-Christin Garvert

Studies Physics at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU, Munich, Germany).