Vervaeke Lab

Reverse engineering cortical circuits

Inquiries about joining the lab are always welcome, not only specific to the positions described below, but also by enthusiastic students who have great ideas and are driven by a strong curiosity!

The lab is highly multidisciplinary, and home to students and postdocs from diverse fields, ranging from molecular biology and neuroscience to computer and engineering sciences, as well as those with strong mathematical backgrounds. For all inquiries, please email Koen Vervaeke: koenv (at)

As of July 2018 two postdoc positions have become available. For more information about the positions, have a look at the FENS jobs website.

For medical students at the University of Oslo (Forskerlinjen). We strongly encourage to take a year of research experience. Take contact for available projects. See:

Short-term fellowship to visit ERC labs. Researchers from the following countries can apply to their research council to receive a fellowship to visit our lab for up to 3-6 months (includes salary, travel and subsistence costs): Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovak Republic and Georgia. This may be an excellent opportunity to get to know the lab. You should check with your national research council about deadlines and application details. Please take contact well before the deadline. Note: It is essential that postdoc candidates have excellent publications in top-tier journals in neuroscience or related fields because the main criteria to get selected is to have a high potential to also get an ERC grant. For more, see link.